About Us

Pursue Fitness was founded in 2013 by our CEO Michael Hughes when he was 18, in Bolton, United Kingdom

Whilst out with lifelong friends, Michael proposed the idea of starting a sportswear brand, he knew the name straight away. Within a few months, he saved £300 from his part-time job at Nando's, then a sample-sized order was placed with a supplier for 4 different products. 

Products were designed by him, orders were packed by him, queries were answered by him and the brand was grown by him. 

Since then, Pursue Fitness has shipped orders to over 160 countries and released more than 1,500 different products.

The Idea

"Never give up."

Our niche is a name, brand and idea that makes sense - to everybody.

Whether you run, walk, train or play sports. We've got you covered. We strive to develop collections based on what you need, both physically and mentally.

The History

From day one


Pursue Fitness is born in Horwich, Bolton.

Michael released the first 4 products online. It wasn't easy, but they sold out within a few months.

The demand for new products increased and the brand started to be recognised.


Our online and social media presence grows.

New products are developed for both men and women and we begin to establish our vision.

We attend our first Exhibitions starting with Bodypower in Birmingham and SFN in Glasgow.


We move into a bigger warehouse, based in Wigan.

We collaborate with more athletes including Amanda Finnie, Jeff Seid, Obi Vincent, Collin Wayne, Lewis and Owen Harrison, Justin St Paul, and Seid Sergeyevich.

We attend the Arnold Classic Expo for the first time, as well as Bodypower earlier in the year.

More technical products are developed by our growing team and released throughout the year.


We prioritise development and work to make the best products we can.

Our mission becomes clear: we're committed to creating premium activewear at an affordable price point.

We visit suppliers around the world to test a variety of fabrics and materials.

We attend more Exhibitions to increase our brand exposure.

We take a risk and do something different, we release our first trainer, the PF-Runner.


We work with Tony Ferguson ahead of his UFC fight.

Our first Seamless products are released and they elevate our product range.

We attend the FIBO Expo for the first time, in Germany.

Our stock and product catalogues double.


We open a temporary retail shop. We meet customers and get to know their product needs and requests first hand.

New releases, fits, colours and styles are added to an ever expanding inventory throughout the year.


Demand increased and we cannot keep up. We move our stock to a larger operation allowing for a better shipping and dispatch service to customers worldwide.

We sponsor Amir Khan ahead of his fight at Madison Square Garden. We also collaborate with Nate Diaz ahead of his UFC fight.

We release the Adapt Seamless collection which consists of 4 products. It sells out with each restock.

Little did we know, this collection would change everything.


Following the success from the Adapt Seamless release we launch the Impulse Seamless collection which is an instant hit.

COVID-19 grips the world. We do our best to navigate the changes, whilst maintaining on-time order fulfilment, and the release of new collections.

We sell out with each release and struggle to keep up with the demand from our customers around the world.


After a whirlwind of a year, we focus on what works.

Our strength lies with unique seamless products for women, that are premium quality pieces at an affordable price-point.

We collaborate with HopeScope: a YouTuber and self-proclaimed 'Legging Queen'. She develops an 18 piece sell-out collection with our team.


We re-shape our mens product offering and the vision becomes clear. The Hybrid collection is released with additional everyday staples.

The new Core Seamless collection is released for women. This sell-out collection provides women all around the world with a new go-to.

We increase our campaign productions showcasing all products in the best possible way.


We migrate our online store to www.pursuefitness.com to better serve customers worldwide.

We launch an all-new shopping experience.


We're off to an eventful start.

There's so much more to come.

Thank you for supporting our vision. It means the world to us.