5 Workout Outfits for Summer

Top Summer Workout Clothes

As we officially enter UK springtime, we’ve trialled and tested all our products to provide you with our list of top 5 activewear products that will not only help you stay cool and dry, it may even stoke your motivation to get moving as the weather gets warmer.


Stringer Vests

Stringers are an obvious choice in warmer weather due to the loose fit and scoop neck, but our Essential BreathEasy Stringer is made with a high grade breathable polyester blend meaning that the fabric allows air to circulate the body, keeping you cooler for longer during intense workouts and gym sessions.

The Y back on the Essential BreathEasy Stringer not only allows for a comfortable fit when training, it’s also designed to accentuate your upper body whilst not restricting movement during exercise.


Reflective Base Layer

We know that base layers are designed to trap a thin layer of heat against the skin to keep you warmer in the winter, especially when exercising outdoors, but base layers also work to pull sweat away from your skin – this is known as wicking.

By wearing a base layer, you compress key muscle areas helping to improve circulation and get more oxygen to those muscles, along with regulating your body’s temperature by keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Iconic Reflective Base Layer also features breathable panels under the arm & neck to ensure maximum cooling.

Sleeveless Tee

Sleeveless Tee

Another obvious but overlooked great – the sleeveless tanks and tees. With an advanced stretch fit and raglan sleeve cut, our Icon Sleeveless Tee is ideal for springtime workouts where the weather can be unpredictable.

With a rounded neck and wide armholes, the Icon Sleeveless Tee provides a comfortable fit and a flattering look.

Agility Shorts

Agility Shorts

An essential for every spring / summer workout wardrobe, the BreathEasy 2.0 Agility Shorts are designed to maximise performance in any weather. Offering durability and support, these agility shorts are ideal for any workout or exercise due to their lightweight feel.

The flat elasticated waistband and zipped side pockets make the BreathEasy 2.0 Agility Shorts perfect for running, ensuring that the shorts stay in place during intense workouts and keep your valuables safe in the zipped pockets.

Tapered Bottoms

Tapered Bottoms

We all know how unpredictable the springtime weather can be in the UK, so for those ‘not so sunny’ days we too often see, the Hybrid Tapered Bottoms are another essential for this time of year. With fleece-less innovation and cooling and warming properties, these tapered bottoms can be worn no matter what the weather.

The blackout breathable panel detailing on the inside leg and knee accentuates the upper and lower leg muscles providing a clean-cut and flattering look.

These wardrobe essentials will look and feel great during your spring/summer workouts. Why not pair with the PF-Runners which feature a BreathEasy knitted upper for a lightweight, snug and supportive fit.

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