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Four men, including three Royal Marines, are raising awareness for the plastic destroying our oceans and the Royal Marines family. They have set out on an epic row across the North Atlantic totalling 3,700 miles; from Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to Tower Bridge in London. Support links are at the bottom of this blog.


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The team have left Brooklyn Bridge and will spend the next 5-6 days rowing over the continental shelf to reach the gulf stream. Once they reach this initial milestone, they will spend the next 55 (ish) days rowing towards the finish line whilst battling the ferocious weather systems of the North Atlantic; huge freezing swells over the Mid Atlantic Ridge; sleep deprivation; seasickness and the constant war against being wet. The row will take around 60 days to complete and will be entirely unassisted - no side boat, no help.


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They'll work together in pairs, rotating shifts, 2 hours on and 2 hours off. The longest non-stop rest they will get for the 60 (ish) day period is 4 hours. However, throughout their rest period, there is still work to be done including maintenance tasks and getting the drinking water ready for the rowers. They are sticking to a 5000 calorie diet to keep their energy levels as high as possible throughout the row, even then, each member of the team will arrive back in the UK 14-21kg lighter.


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They'll have a special phone onboard that sends and receives data from satellites. They'll convert seawater into drinking water using an onboard filtration system powered by solar energy.


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The team are raising money for The Royal Marines Charity & Plastic Oceans Charity (Ocean Generation). They're also looking to inspire and educate children on how they can make a difference. Besides this, the team are always up for a challenge, and for the chance to set a world record.

Click the below button to follow their progress on a live satellite tracker and follow the team on Instagram here.

Click here to view their website and live tracker.

You can donate to The Royal Marines Charity here.

You can donate to Plastic Oceans Charity (Ocean Generation) here.

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