Gym wear, Gym clothes, Cheap seamless leggings


It’s happenin’.


The Summer Blowout.


A sale you need to set a reminder for.


Want the details?


Starts Thursday, June 25th, 3pm BST.


Worldwide start times are at the bottom of this page.


A true sitewide sale: Up to 70% off everything.


What else?


This sale is exclusive to


Everything will be on sale, including new releases and best-sellers.


We’re shipping worldwide.


Our website will be in countdown mode for 6 hours before the sale start time.


Will any items be on pre-order?


No pre-orders on any items - we have all of the stock in our warehouse ready and waiting for you.


We have optimised our warehouse to reduce delays while keeping all of our team safe.


How long will the sale run for?


This sale will run for a limited time only.


We will give you a heads up on social media and by email - at least 24 hours before the sale ends.


Are there any restocks?


It's best to place an order when the sale goes online (this Thursday) and keep an eye on our website for restocks on certain items and sizes you want to secure as well. 


Worldwide start times.


United Kingdom, BST - June 25th, 3pm ⏳


Los Angeles, PDT - June 25th, 7am 


New York, EDT - June 25th, 10am ⏳


Europe, CEST - June 25th, 4pm 


Ireland, IST -  June 25th, 3pm ⏳


Sydney, AEST - June 25th, Midnight ⏳


Israel, IST - June 25th, 5pm ⏳


Toronto, EDT - June 25th 10am 


Helsinki, EEST - June 25th 5pm ⏳


Perth, AWST - June 25th, 10pm ⏳


If we missed a start time that you're familiar with, don't worry! A quick search of 3pm BST converted to your timezone will sort that for you. If you're still unsure, feel free to drop us an email through our contact page online. Our customer care team will be happy to help with any questions you have about the sale.


Happy shopping.


Thank you for your support.


See you this Thursday at 3pm BST 🙌







  • I love your seamless esp the shorts! I dont mind spending more for this sale !!!

    Melissa on
  • It’s about time 🥰🥰

    Lain B on
  • Hi

    Are you still going to be shipping to Maldives ? Trying to clear it out because our boarders will be open on the 15th of July.

    Hamdhoona Ahmed on
  • Your seamless leggings are the best, last month was the first time I had tried your band and I’ll be ordering more sets in this sale. My seamless leggings don’t slip down or ride up while i’m working out from home. Also your pricing is great. 10/10

    Helen on
  • I missed the last sale I can’t wait for this one!!

    Andrea S on
  • Yes!! I’ve been waiting for a sale, gonna order me and my girlfriend some gym clothes

    David Cooper on
  • I’ll be ordering the Adapt seamless sets! I love mine!

    Jessica on
  • I love a Pursue Fitness sale 🤭

    Lucy on
  • I can’t wait for this!

    Thomas on

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