Sustainable Leggings, Sports Bras, Crop Tops & Shorts

Sustainable Gym Wear


Women's Sustainable Seamless is now available here. This collection is made from recycled fabrics, in fact we made sure that 92% of the yarns used within this gym wear collection are recycled, and the remaining 8% is the elastane. We're conscious about the environment, and we wanted to develop a seamless set that's not only made using recycled materials, but super comfortable and practical. Let's make a difference.

The blueprint for this collection delivers a clean-cut energetic style, with a unique oil patterned design. More sets, more steps, more sweat. Or, comfy loungewear 👀


Sustainable Sports Bra


Sustainable Sports Bra: Supportive, open back with removable padding for a customisable fit.


Sustainable Leggings


Sustainable Leggings: High-waisted, soft, stretchy and squat proof fabric that won't let you down.


Sustainable Gym Crop Top


Sustainable Long Sleeve Crop Tops: Midsection crop, open back and thumbholes for a secure fit.


Sustainable Women's Gym and Running Shorts


Sustainable Shorts: High-waisted, cycle style length and the perfect accompaniment to the other amazing sustainable products in this collection.




The fabrication and yarns used to make this seamless collection are 57% Recycled Nylon, 35% Recycled polyester, 8% elastane. That's an impressive 92% eco friendly and recycled yarns ♻️


The fabric we use has been GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. This is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification for Recycled Content.


Now, we don't only use post-consumer recycled plastics to make the yarns, as these can take a lot of time and energy to collect and break down - you know the story, it goes something like this: you go to the shop a buy a bottle of water, you enjoy to water and feel great, but now you have an empty bottle. So, you head to a recycling bin and put the empty bottle in there, however, now a truck has to collect those bottles and take them to a recycling centre who will break them down so they can be used again.


Disclaimer: we're not suggesting you don't recycle your plastics, as recycling them is definitely better than landfill. 


Now for the interesting part... To help balance this out, our sustainable fabrics are made from pre-consumer recycled plastics too. Essentially, some plastics including bottles, fabrics or polymers might never make it to market. The recycling process for these is much shorter (it avoids the recycling bins and trucks etc).


Last but not least. Fabric cut off's are minimised during the manufacturing of our seamless garments, which creates less waste and on top of everything else, makes this collection even better for the environment. 





Women's workout clothing never looked and felt so good, while protecting both people and the planet. This high-performance activewear collection is now available for worldwide delivery, right here at Pursue Fitness ®.




  • Ethical leggings are a must ♻️

    Jennifer on
  • Love the idea of these leggings, will definitely be ordering some 🥰

    Patricia on

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