Look Great & Train Hard. What to Wear to the Gym - A Girl's Guide

What you wear to the gym can make or break your workout.

Imagine being confident at the gym. That feeling when you’re ready to give 100% and get a satisfying workout in return. You feel fierce. You’re focused.

That kind of confidence is key. And as one of the leading brands in gym wear, we work hard to make this possible for every woman, from beginner to athlete.

We want you to know that you’re not gonna end up with sweat patches in awkward places, that your underwear won’t show through your leggings, that you’ll look your best while breaking a sweat at the gym. We want you to have the confidence to go hard. To pursue your fitness goals.

What Should You Wear to the Gym?

A Bare Face

Face your fears and do the unbearable. Here’s why you should go to the gym without makeup:

  • A makeup-free face can breathe. Your pores open up during exercise to let out sweat. Anything that's on your skin will make it harder or impossible. So, your pores will end up clogged with sweat, oils, and makeup. And that's a perfect recipe for a humongous spot.
  • A makeup-free face is clean. Remember that study about disgusting bacteria that lives in men's beards? Well, we're not much better. As it turns out our makeup and brushes and blenders are pretty nasty. The makeup on your face is like a bacteria farm. You wear it all day then hit the gym, and all that bacteria can make its way inside your pores. Ew.
  • A makeup-free face looks good too. When you exercise you get that glow... a sweaty glow. And even if your face goes as red as a tomato, that’s still better than makeup that’s caking and sweating off. And it gives you a fighting chance to prevent acne flare-ups.

Tip: Use a clean sweat towel to pat your face dry during exercise.

Squat-proof Leggings

squat proof leggings

Squat-proof means that the leggings aren't see-through when you bend over or stretch the fabric during other movements, like squatting. Here’s what to do if you don’t want your undies to peek through:

  • Test your leggings before hitting the gym. The best way to do that is in daylight with a mirror or an honest friend.
  • Wear underwear that’s closer in colour to your leggings.
  • Go up a size. Gym leggings are stretchy and you can easily fit into a smaller size. By wearing a size that’s too small for you, you’re already stretching the fabric more than intended.

Tip: Seamless leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever wear. They fit like a dream because they hug your body and adapt to it. And there aren’t any seams to irritate your skin or leave marks on your legs.

Workout Undies

This shouldn’t surprise you. They’re just as important as a sports bra because:

  • They’ll keep you dry. The material that’s used is a better option to cotton undies that absorb sweat and take ages to dry.
  • They’ll be more comfortable. No wedgies. No sliding down. Pure comfort.
  • They’ll stop rashes. Normal pants will keep moisture, promote bacteria growth and can rub and cause rashes.

Tip: You can buy seamless sports undies to avoid lines showing up on your leggings.

A Hat.

This one might surprise you. But here’s why you might want to wear a hat to the gym:

  • You’ll feel less self-conscious. It hides your eyes and face. That’ll make you feel more comfortable if you’re not usually out without makeup. It'll also save you from the awkward eye contact you sometimes have to make with people that are training opposite of you.
  • You’ll be more focused. A hat works like horse blinders. It stops you from getting distracted.
  • It'll keep your hair hidden. This is a godsend for girls with curly or frizzy hair that doesn’t stay in a bun.

Tip: Complete the look with huge headphones, and you're now Miss antisocial.

A Sports Bra

Women's Seamless Sports Bras

You won’t get away with wearing a regular bra to the gym. Size doesn't matter. A's or K's, they need to follow the dress code. Here’s why you should wear a sports bra to the gym and not your regular bra:

  • It’ll make exercise comfortable whether it is a form of boxercise, yoga, run or just general workout. Forget wires digging into your ribs. Bands rubbing against your skin. Straps slipping off your shoulders.
  • It’ll keep you dry. The fabrics used for sports bras move the moisture from your skin to the surface, so it can evaporate. Regular bras just absorb the sweat and feel soggy.
  • It’ll endure even the most extreme workouts. Actually, it's designed to do that. Your regular bra will stretch and become useless.
  • It’ll support you. It'll minimise bounce and the discomfort it causes. It'll stay in place and you won't have to worry about putting your girls back into place every five minutes.

Tip: It’s okay to wear just a sports bra to the gym. It’ll save you money and washing powder! Oh, and it makes it easier for your body to sweat and cool down when you’re training. Win-win.

Sports Clothing. Duh.

We blurred the line between gym wear, loungewear, tops and everyday wear a long time ago. But this will convince you to get some real training clothes.

  • Sports Clothing will keep you dry. It's made of moisture-wicking fabrics so, it doesn't absorb your sweat. It moves the moisture from your skin to the surface, where it can evaporate. Your normal cotton t-shirt would absorb all your sweat and take ages to dry. So you'd end up feeling cold and sticky.
  • Sports Clothing is stretchy. It gives a lot of freedom in movement. It feels like you’re not wearing anything. But it shrinks back to its original size, unlike cotton clothes. 
  • Sports Clothing is low maintenance. To all the lazy girls; it doesn’t crease, it dries quickly, stains come out, and you don’t need to use fabric conditioner.
  • Sports Clothing is durable. Everyday cotton leggings, tops, or bras get worn down pretty fast. They feel completely different after the first wash. Bummer. But gym wear is usually made of strong synthetic fibers.

Tip: Most gymwear doesn’t get on with tumble dryers. Always check the labels.

Tight Clothes

Women's gym wear

There’s more to it than showing off booty gains. Here is why tight clothes are better than loose clothes for the gym:

  • You can see what you're doing. Surprise, surprise. The mirrors at the gym aren't for taking selfies or checking other people out. They're there so you can watch your form. If you're in an XXXL shirt, joggers and a blanket draped over you, only God knows what is going on underneath.
  • Skin-tight clothing doesn't move. There's nothing worse than covering up with a loose top that exposes you every time you lift your arms up or go into a downward dog. Loose clothes can get in the way, or worse - get caught in equipment.

Tip: Dark colours will make you look slimmer and hide imperfections like cellulite. High waisted leggings make you look taller. Crop hoodies help to showcase your physique and take a look at our retro range too.

Bonus Tips:

What You Should NOT Wear to the Gym

  • Jewellery: Gold and silver jewellery is soft and way too delicate for the gym. Your necklace can get caught and ripped. Your ring can bend when you’re lifting or gripping. And the thought of a torn ear is just terrifying.
  • Chunky Shoes: The perfect gym shoes should be light, breathable and comfy as hell. Disruptors might look good on the street, but they’ll literally disrupt your training.
  • Long Nails: I’m kidding. Keep your nails. But be careful when you’re putting weights and bars back on the racks. These things should be called nail breakers.

What You Need in Your Gym Bag

  • Hair Accessories: There can never be enough hair bands and clips.
  • Clean Face Towel: Let’s face it… You shouldn’t be drying your face with a towel that you used on equipment or a mat.
  • Makeup Remover: If you’re going to the gym after work or lectures, it’ll make life easier for you.

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to what to wear to the gym and we will be more than happy to help and be sure to join our sms list and check out our voucher codes and our survey

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