July 4th: 18 All-New Releases For Men

We're at it again.

When is the new men's release? 

This Thursday at 7pm BST. Set a reminder so you don't miss out.

As with the recent women's release, all new men's releases will be available at an introductory price for a very limited time after they go online. 

Here’s what’s coming this Thursday:

* 3 ULTRA Lifestyle Training T-Shirts
* 3 ULTRA Lifestyle Training Long Sleeves
* 3 ULTRA Lifestyle Training Tanks
* 4 Swim Shorts 2.0
* 3 Bold Swim Shorts
* 2 Response Shorts

The ULTRA Lifestyle Training T-Shirts, Tanks and Long Sleeves are crafted using a Cotton / Elastane / Rayon blend for an ultra-soft and stretchy fit. Featuring our iconic tapered fit for a modern silhouette. Perfect for in and out of the gym.

The Swim Shorts will be offered in a two different styles and a range of amazing colours. Featuring a secure back pocket, new vinyl logos and our best swim short fabric. Ever. Whether you want to stand out or always go for black - we've got you covered. 

Finally, the Response Shorts will complete the current Response Jackets, Response Hoodies and Bottoms collection. You can check out the current Response collection by clicking here. This lightweight, breathable and stretchy fabric is perfect for the summer months. The all-new response shorts style well with the Response Hoodies. 

Don't forget to set a reminder: July 4th, this Thursday 7pm BST.

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