Adapt Seamless: The Collection You'll Love

high waisted seamless gym leggings non slip

ADAPT is a range of 8 different coloured seamless leggings, sports bra, long sleeves and shorts.

Featuring a supportive yet super comfortable fit, ADAPT is a premium quality, practical and unique seamless collection that makes you look and feel amazing.

The 8 colours ADAPT is available in are -

  • Light Grey
  • Black.Charcoal
  • Subtle Grey
  • Black
  • Coral Quartz
  • Marl Beige
  • Aqua Teal
  • Blackout

Seamless Gym Wear

What is seamless?

Seamless is an item of clothing that has been designed without seams, except when arm holes are added or the inner leg is stitched together.

How is seamless made?

Seamless clothing is made by a machine. Threads are knitted together into a tube-like shape and cut in certain places to be able to create all different types of seamless products, it’s as easy as that!

Why is seamless popular?

Seamless is considered more robust, it fits to your skin and with there being minimal sewing there is less chance of the item ripping or unthreading in areas that are stretched more than others and also there’s no rubbing on the skin, meaning no chaffing! The absence of all the excess stitching makes seamless gym wear more comfortable to wear and a lot more flexible.

Is seamless gym wear new?

Seamless clothing and the method and technology for creating the product has been around for a long time, it isn’t something brand new however we have improved the fit and feel in our collections.

Shop our range of women's seamless gym wear here.

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  • I love your seamless leggings they’re amazing!

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